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A Guide to Buying Sweeteners

From maple syrup to stevia to raw cane sugar, there are a wide variety of sweeteners out there that may have you questioning what’s best and where to use them. Most sweeteners are made with sugar – a simple carb that is quickly converted into energy and known for giving a quick boost of energy followed by a crash that often leads us seeking out another quick energy source.  Read More

Is your microbiome forcing you to eat sugar/carbs?

If you are one of those (many, really, you are not alone!) who can’t resist eating that another bar of chocolate or bread or huge serving of pasta or whatever is available. If you just can’t stop, you feel like you don’t have control... It is possible that it’s true. You can’t control it because you are not in charge. Your imbalanced gut microbiome is and these guys feed on sugar. Read More

Soothing a Sunburn Naturally

The benefits of the sun stretch far and wide – sun exposure is essential not only for vitamin D production but also for hormonal balancing, mood improvement, and even a strong immune system. Read More

How to release mother's guilt

Who is this for: You’re a mother, you have it. You’ve done things. Like not being fully healthy when pregnant. Not breastfeeding or not breastfeeding long enough. You weren’t there enough, or you were, but you yelled too much. You spanked, or you haven’t provided enough borders and structure. You were ignorant, or you didn’t have enough time, or you had your own battles, and messed their... Read More

What Are Fiddlehead Ferns?

This month, you may start to notice fiddleheads at the farmers’ market. As the name suggests, these green veggies have a curled shape that resembles the top of a fiddle or violin. They are a good source of iron and fiber and make for a striking vegetable dish. Fiddleheads are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Read More

Edema. Are Your Feet/Hands Swelling?

In a balanced scenario just the right amount of water would move out of the blood vessels to the tissues and back. In edema, either too much water moves into the tissues, or not enough water moves from the tissues back into the blood vessels. Obviously, there can me many reasons for this imbalanced action. Let’s explore some of them bellow. Read More

How Sitting Can Affect Health

If you work a 9-to-5 job, chances are much of your day is spent sitting – whether during your commute, at your desk, or in meetings. But recent research has highlighted that long periods of sitting can be bad for your health. Read More


Gallbladder issues, pain, attacks, stress, dislike for fatty food, perhaps knee pain, sluggish digestion, lighter color of stool, stool floating, gallstones… If you experience some of these, check out what I advised a friend of mine on this topic today. It features d-limonene. Read More

Mindfulness and Heart Health

Have you ever been so engaged in something that you love to do that you completely lose track of time? You were so present and attentive to a creative activity that everything else seemed to just fade away. In those moments of authentic joy, you experienced mindfulness. Read More

How to Take a Technology Detox

There are many benefits to using technology – traveling around the world, connecting with loved ones, learning in the classroom, and even saving lives in hospitals! However, like anything else, technology can be overused and even abused. Read More

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