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So, I've done a little experiment lately. I ditched that tiny daily coffee of mine, that I would always have before 2pm, of course. I know some, who can drink a big mug of coffee, then go to sleep like a baby, but that’s not me;)


I’ve actually ditched all caffeine (including tea, and the occasional 72%-of-cacao-chocolate:) for over a week now.


I drink a cup of herbal tea instead, and to cheat the ritual of sipping coffee while working at my pc, I simply put plain water in my insulated coffee cup. It keeps me more hydrated and it works! As it turns out, the sipping I did on autopilot anyway, it doesn't really matter much, what I have in the cup! And there I lived thinking I actually liked to sip coffee.


So anyway, I do sleep better!


Notably better! I fall asleep better, I feel somewhat more relaxed in the evening and during the night. I don't wake up at night to the point to be wildly awake (when there is some noise from the kids or so), and I haven't had the issue of falling back to sleep (which was occasionally happening before). Also my sleep seems to be somewhat more nourishing, more peaceful. Shortly, I sleep better with no caffeine in my body.


How is your sleep? Nourishing and peaceful?


This might, or might not work for you. And of course, there are tons of other ways how to improve sleep. Get in touch with me if you need special help for your special situation.


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