Well-Being for Moms

Individual Support




In my individual online sessions you are getting the personal attention and support you deserve, and that is so hard to get from your primary medical practitioner or anywhere else. My approach will be completely customized to attend to your unique needs and situation. We will look at the combination of your unique symptoms and issues, search for their root causes, and send them to remission. We will focus on your personal goals in health & wellness and put you back in power. You will be gaining a life-long understanding of your unique body and how to personalize your diet, nutrition and lifestyle in order to feel your best.


Reaching and keeping your ideal weight becomes just a pleasant side-effect.

During our sessions we will
  • Create space where you're being heard, accepted, valued and supported
  • Cover all the steps for creating positive change (identify and set goals, identify obstacles, and find solutions)
  • Keep at it (review your progress, and provide ongoing support and empowerment)
  • Uncover triggers and imbalances, and seek balance in all aspects of life
  • Explore real, doable, everyday steps that fit your unique lifestyle and needs
  • Achieve lasting results in improving your health and happiness

You are hiring me to give you direction, momentum and support
but you must be ready to take the steps.
A Happy Woman is a Healthy Women

You get
  • Bi-weekly online video sessions (via skype or facebook video call)
  • Email/text support between sessions (most work on both sides is done in between sessions)
  • Clear direction and know-how to last a lifetime
  • Empowerment to move towards action and solutions
  • Accountability to keep progressing
  • Practical and sustainable wellness tips, and additional materials, such as informative handouts, articles, recipe and book tips...
  • Help with choosing and/or the interpretation of labwork (optional)
  • Supplement selection for rapid relief (optional)



Consultation hours: Tue - Fri, 9am - 2pm (Tokyo time)


Initial consultation:  5.000 JPY
Individual monthly fee: 24.000 JPY 
Group monthly fee: 15.000 JPY

Portion of your payment goes towards empowering women in less-fortunate regions via Kiva.org
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