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Group Support

Join me and other women battling similar issues as you!

Imbalanced  Eating  with  Emotional / Mental Issues
spleen, anxiety, mood swings, anger, fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, depression (postpartum, perinatal, mild, chronic)
sweet cravings, overeating, binge eating, unhappy about weight and/or body


You are not alone!
You can heal!
Awareness, Action, Accountability!

My Story

I was living with a mild, but chronic depression since I was a teen (this will come as a surprise to everyone who knows me). I wasn’t happy, but I could live with it. The turn came with my second pregnancy and postpartum. It was the time to call for professional help. Everything was falling apart, especially relationships. And my own anger scared me to death. Yet, I had this feeling, that calling a shrink won’t help. I didn’t want to plaster my symptoms with medication and endless talks. I wanted to get to the root of it and felt there was a way. After all, this is how it felt - something from inside was “preventing” me. In addition, what once was kinda ok cravings and eating imbalances, took a fast downturn towards uncontrollable, and it left me feeling terrible, both in body and mind, way too often. Following my intuition, I took a holistic health course instead. And it changed my life. There was a way to support my body better so it would function as it’s supposed to! I could indeed live the full 100% of my potential. Using this new direction, I did fairly easy, practical changes to my diet and lifestyle, and I was out of my 2-decade-long and rapidly down-spinning circle in a jiffy (ok, let’s be realistic - in a matter of months).

Group Support by Veronica Bar

In this group, I will share my know-how with you.
And through a supportive circle you have even higher chance to create permanent, positive change in your life.
Plus, it helps turn down the "loneliness" inherent in this issue.
Let's feel great again and have fun on the way!

In the group program we will
  • Create intimate conversation space
  • Explore the body-mind connection. How may the condition of your physical body lead to mental & emotional issues?
  • Seek balance in all aspects of life
  • Share real, doable, everyday steps to heal the body as a whole, instead of resorting to medication to cover symptoms
  • Form an on-going support and accountability structure


You get
  • Pre-program individual online call, to answer any questions you might have, as well as for me to learn more about you, your health history, and your goals and success measures for our work together
  • Bi-weekly online group calls
  • Email support in between
  • Practical and sustainable wellness tips, and additional materials, such as informative handouts, articles, recipe and book tips...
  • On-going accountability structure via secret Facebook Group
  • Side effects: getting rid of cravings, overeating and excess weight, while getting more energy, focus and productivity 
  • Bonus: monthly in-person group meetings (in case of Tokyo limited group)
Group Program Benefits
  • As with individual health coaching, you are entering a world of being heard, accepted, valued and supported.
  • You are gaining timely knowledge and direction from you coach and create lasting connection with your own body.
  • You are empowered to move towards solutions and action, and you're being held accountable to keep progressing.
  • On top of the interaction with the coach, clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group.
  • The connections formed with other participants battling similar issues are empowering. The mere knowing, that we are not alone, gives many of us the strength to first admit our current situation, closely followed by the ability to move on and focus on solutions.
  • Many clients find the process "less on the spot" than individual coaching, giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights.
  • Some clients find it more possible to join group programs, as they are cheaper than individual coaching.

For pricing, see here.

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