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Is your microbiome forcing you to eat sugar/carbs?


If you are one of those (many, really, you are not alone!) who can’t resist eating that another bar of chocolate or bread or huge serving of pasta or whatever is available. If you just can’t stop, you feel like you don’t have control... It is possible that it’s true. You can’t control it because you are not in charge. Your imbalanced gut microbiome is, and these guys feed on sugar.


It could be yeast such as candida or other opportunistic species. They naturally reside in you, in smaller numbers, but when they have a chance to overgrow, they will force you to feed their huge ever growing crowd (think multiplying in a matter of hours).


So what do you do? It’s relatively easy and for many fast. But it depends on your allover situation, of course.


The easiest, least expensive and least time consuming step is; you stop feeding them. Meaning you cut all carbs and sugars from your diet, your only carbs will be from veggies (except starchy ones like potatoes, corn..). On the positive side, you can have unlimited amounts of fat and protein, and those non-starchy veggies. (Alcohol is sugar and yeast except clean ones such as vodka etc.). You hold it for couple of days and you will see the difference. It will get easier with every next day after day 4 or so. It’s actually easier than it sounds, if you are really determined to make a difference for yourself and get back in control. How long do you want to live with these feelings of shame and repeated disappointment in yourself and loss of control? Throw it on the opportunistic flora and get rid of them. Hold it for as long as you need to feel “being in control” again (couple of weeks). When you get to that place, you won’t need to be so strict anymore, but of course, you won’t go back to the exactly same way of eating you were used to, if you want to stay in control and feel fantastic.


If you mess up:

Think of it as catching the no-sugar train. If you mess up and get off at a wrong station, say aha, and hop right back, keep on the train as long as you can. Until your final destination - "Free Of Uncontrollable Cravings". You will feel it when you get there, trust me, done it.


Important tip: get into the habit of using more fat, especially coconut oil and milk, olive oil, avocado, nuts... It will make the no-sugar train much easier be keeping you full, and also improve your overall health. (If you still think that eating fat is bad, we should have a chat).


Important tip II: get into the habit of consuming probiotic food or get a good probiotic supplement.


Another option is getting tested for suspected species and get the right medication to eradicate them. You may also use some herbal supplements. 


Everyone is different, everyone has a little bit different set of compound issues, and so may need a little bit different way to get where they want to be. This is just one of them, simple one that will work for many.


Should you need more guidance and support, I’m here for you. 3 months with me and you are set free for life. After years or decades of jail, is it?


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