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3 Fermented Dairy Projects

Dairy’s got a bit of a bad rap. It may be difficult to digest for some individuals, or even cause them a severe allergic reaction. It is proven to be mucus forming and rather inflammatory, even toxic (casomorphin). However if not overdone, and consumed in it’s more alive form, it can be a fairly good source of nutrients for some.

I personally don’t drink, nor give to my kids, supermarket-bought milk. Pasteurized as it is, it’s maybe safe to hang around on shelves, but completely dead, lacking all the enzymes, which then makes digestion difficult. Milk is supposed to go sour in couple of days. It's a natural process. Supermarket milk never goes sour, it starts to form mold instead. Imagine what is happening with this milk in your digestive tract. Pasteurized milk is a fairly foreign, indigestible substance to our bodies. Hence the aftermath of mucus formation and toxicity. Same goes for all other processed dairy. I simply don't buy stuff labeled "processed".

But there is a way to bring milk back to live, even the supermarket milk. Of course, if you can get raw milk from pastured cows, ideally on spring grass, and other traditionally made products from such milk, that would be the best. But not all of us can. I can’t, for now.

So, the way to transform supermarket, or any, milk to be more beneficial to us, is to add live bacteria in it. This will help with digestion and absorption. Even dairy intolerant people are often able to consume fermented dairy products.
Here are my 3 easy recipes:
  1. Homemade Yogurt
  2. Homemade Cream Cheese
  3. Homemade Kefir
  4. Bonus - if you can get raw milk, or milk pasteurized at lower temperatures, that will go sour, you can try this Homemade Cottage Cheese. It it possible to make it from any milk, but it won't be probiotic, and it'll have more milky taste, without the pleasant sourness.

*Yes, you can use plain supermarket yogurt with live bacteria, but the homemade version will usually be more potent. You can also use better, e.g. organic milk. Here in Japan, I can't find organic yogurt, but I can find organic milk

PS: You might find yourself naturally craving these "fast" dairy products - milk, yogurt, kefir etc. in summer. They are light and cooling in nature, and would be naturally available in summer (also the most nutritious and richer in omega 3, from the fresh, spring grass feed). Then in winter the more grounding, heavier products such as aged cheese and maybe butter would be available, when cows don’t really produce milk anymore (all-year milk availability is a mass produce thing). >>My BarBar conclusion - if you choose to consume dairy, it might be beneficial to give the body a brake from it here and there. Such as in spring. Add no flour, sugar, soy, and you can call it "inflammatory-foods-free cleanse"!

If you are not able to feel these little nuances, and hear your body, what it needs and when, my consultations, tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle, might be just the thing for you! I offer a kick-ass support;)


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