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How to overcome OVERLOAD in 7 steps

Too many things to do, you simply can’t, you get super stressed, you try to do everything and likely end up with doing nothing. This used to be my life.

  1. Prioritize as if it was a life or death question. It usually is a question of health and happiness, though stress can seriously kill you. Choose doing less, but finishing it. As opposed to doing everything and end up with nothing. The less, the better. Differentiate between “necessary for survival or happiness” and “should do”. Ditch your should-dos, unless you’re really abundant with time.
  2. Think of your priorities as long term goals (eg. 1 year, 5,  or if you have 3 months to finish something...). Write them down.
  3. Decide practical steps necessary to reach a long term goal, a “how-to”. E.g. if your yearly goal is to adopt a healthier diet - create a list of steps you’ll do to achieve this goal. Such as drink more water on daily bases, eat more vegetables instead of carby sides, snack on fruit instead of processed sweets…
  4. Decide realistic timeline for your steps (which steps should be done first, when and how long they take?). Write these steps down as your monthly, weekly and daily goals. Remember, things usually take longer than expected. Start early, give yourself enough time, count some sudden black swans in. Or just give yourself a mental margin for delay, so as it happens, and it will, you can take it calmly instead of beating yourself up.
  5. Divide your smaller steps into “urgent” and “not-urgent” on a medium timeline (e.g. a month) - first must be written down and smashed on a smaller timeline (week, day). Second can be dragged around the same timeline and hit on the “right occasion”.
  6. Do not second question your smaller steps, just smash them daily! (Yes, sometimes we have those hang-overs from the previous day, even week, it’s ok. Hit them on the next good occasion. Move on.)
  7. Keep re-thinking, re-organizing, re-writing things down as you’re getting new information. E.g. first it seemed really important to finish the priced product, because you need to start bringing money, but then you realize, it actually makes more sense to keep your old job a bit longer and finish the free content, because it will help you get prospects to whom you can later offer your paid product. Or, things that once seemed urgent may no longer make sense. It’s ok to quit them! Just don’t quit because it’s hard, quit because it doesn’t make sense! Go focus on things that are meaningful and necessary. Keep moving.

*I like to cross small steps off list or even erase them (sometimes, visually, the empty space in my planner gives me more peace than a lot of crossed things, I know I've done it, now I'm free)

Comment bellow: What causes you the most overload? What is your best tip to get through?

Veronika Bar is now working on “How to PRIORITIZE”;)


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