Well-Being for Moms


If you're busy, just read my 7 bullets, then go do it, cause it's fast and easy

  1. Drink most of your water in the morning (try 1.5l (50oz) before you leave the house), another ½ l (17oz) or more before lunch, then another 1l (33oz) throughout the rest of the day (adjust amounts according to your needs, but many adults can aim for about 2-3l).
  2. Drink several glasses at once or use a bigger bottle (don’t limit yourself to a glass at a time, you’ll be surprised that this way you can easily gulp 600ml at once).
  3. Drink water in the right=pleasant temperature for you (eg. heat it in winter, cool it only slightly in summer). (Restaurants will serve you ice cold water anytime so you won’t drink much of it and order a more pleasant drink instead;)
  4. Slow down in the evening not to disturb your sleep. If you suddenly realize you’re thirsty in the evening it means you were dehydrating yourself throughout the day. (Or your dinner was too acidic).
  5. Sometimes add tasty (but healthy) something for fun. Just don’t drink your sugars.
  6. Feel what your needs are (really it's more of a feel then "a know").
  7. Drink even more when you’re sick, achy, tired, wired, fogged, depressed...

Why you should drink enough - if you still have time for reading or are interested in my BarBar point

Water balances body fluids - playing role in just about everything from digestion, absorption, circulation, creating saliva, transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature to waste elimination. As such keeping your body’s water supply balanced can help you with:

  • Healthy bowel function (and other things that should rather be moving eg. congestion)
  • Keep healthy, clean skin and other organs (kidneys, heart...)
  • Fight disease such as cancer (possibly largely through the waste eliminating properties, thus keeping cells healthy?)
  • Energizing muscles (when muscles don’t get enough water they get tired)
  • Gives you better mood, more focus, clarity (waste elimination at work again?, energizing?)
  • Prevents headaches
  • Protects joints and cartilage
  • Makes you eat less by making you feel more full (and energized?)

Science proven they are

BarBar point

In short I would put it all into 3 bullets: water helps your 60-70%-of-water-body with essential*

  • moisturising
  • cleansing
  • energizing

... and the little covered “information distribution”. Which makes me also think about water memory... or the images of feelings. But I guess it’s all included under energy. Information is energy, memory is information, feelings are information of energy, we are water, all is one...

*cheating the "essential" stuff gets us towards accelerated aging and disease, you know, right?

So back to practical, here are more tips, how I do it 

  1. I finish about 1.5l before breakfast or before I leave the house, depending on circumstances. Eg. 2 glasses upon waking, 2gl after morning walk/if, 2gl after shower, 2 gl somewhere before leaving the house.
  2. I drink from a 1l Nalgene bottle (hard, no PBA plastic) and take it around with me.
  3. Now in winter I simply add part of the water boiled. In summer I would add just a little bit of ice to water at room temperature, but not making it too cold.
  4. I sip much less towards the evening.
  5. I often add a splash of raw apple cider vinegar to my morning bottle, sometimes lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice. My second bottle is clear. My last sometimes has calcium-magnesium powder in it and I have to "fight" for it with my kids:)
  6. I seem to feel good with about 2.5l for my about 55kg and fairly active lifestyle (this is without any teas, coffee etc.)
  7. I would drink more on those sick occasions, if I had them. As a matter of fact, I would probably only drink. If you get sick and weary often (define often), you need to change more than water. Don't get used to it as a norm. I'm saying it, because I've been there, and kept telling myself it's normal to get sick with every change of season and every big change (like traveling or moving).

*now at 1pm down my litre no#2 I can take it easy;)


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