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So, I am not really a “coffee person”. Myself, I never slipped into drinking a lot or absolutely needing it. I assume you know overdoing it with coffee (multiple cups a day) isn’t the best thing for you. Perhaps you just haven’t made the choice to change it yet. Possible step 1 - start to drink more water instead. But I don't write about overcoming a coffee addiction today (yes, if you skip your cup and get a headache, you are dealing with a physical addiction). Also here, I'm well over discussing adding a sweetener to your regular coffee (just don't, no, not even honey, unless it's a rare treat). Sorry to tell you, but you are most likely sugar-addicted if you have such a need (regularly).

Anyway, I do drink an occasional cup with milk or cream. What’s the harm I thought, a little real!! coffee (no Nescafe and such mess, just ideally organic, fair trade, real grind). And what’s the harm, a little milk or cream. Likely, you also know that store-bought milk, even if organic, is not the best thing to take a plenty.

But. I always feel there is something weird going on with milk coffee in my body. For one, the smell of urine. To be frugal, your urine or stool should not smell. If it does, you should have a good look at your gut health. It’s the base of your well being, now and future. Some believe all disease start in the gut (begin with Hippocrates and end with many prominent and enlightened doctors of today).

However, I kept on drinking my occasional tiny cup without getting to really investigate the “off feeling" until I got the external push (in the form of a recorded speech by a Slovakian doctor Dr. Palova, shared with me by a friend). I’m curious, how often you do that too? You feel something is wrong, but yet, you keep on doing it. Not listening to the signs of your body. Pause here to think.

So in short, there might be something wrong with the combination of coffee and milk. Studies have been done proving the reduction of the “good thing” in coffee - chlorogenic acid - from this combination. Plus there might be other unwanted, potentially harmful chemical changes seeding from this combination. You can find studies and scientific papers if you like that sort of thing. Or you can try different types of milk (nut or coconut - I personally dislike the texture or taste, soy, raw cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s  milk - I wonder if it would be any different from pasteurized, but mainly don’t have easy access from where I live, etc...) Suit your situation. Also you'll find that many studies are "inconclusive" or "proven wrong" after a while, manipulated... What is the truth?

Here is a safe, inexpensive and coincidentally also the easiest way. In my case, as of today I go minimalist, trying plain black coffee with my writing for a while. See what body says. How things feel. That's it.

There is an overlap in this article. It’s not about coffee and milk. It’s about how you need to listen to what your body says over all the information available. Then allow yourself to trust it and actually do the beneficial changes. Cause if you don’t, you are literally just adding nails to your coffin. A bit dramatic, yeah. But I am serious, things are adding up. Your health and wellbeing is the combined effect of everything you are exposed too. There are some things you can influence. Do those. Don’t add something to your body that doesn’t serve it, on the contrary, harms it. This is my Health Coach bias message. In between the lines.

To your health in your hands

Again. Article not edited, please, overlook errors, if you do understand. Share it, or share a comment bellow, someone might need to hear your insight. 

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