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Tofu Steak

Prep Notes

My kids absolutely love this tofu steak.


8 steaks


1 kg firm type tofu (momen dofu), cut into 1cm thick steaks

3-4 T soy sauce or coconut aminos (I used mix of both)

1 T ginger and garlic, minced 

coconut oil for frying


  • First, get rid of excess water by laying the tofu on some paper towels, place some more paper towels on top and add some weight on top (a small sauce pan or so). Let sit for at least 30 minutes, or do this well in advance (like the night before).

  • Now cut the tofu into 1 cm thick steaks.

  • Mix soy sauce with ginger and garlic and place the tofu steak in the marinade, turning sides to cover all over. Marinate at least 10 minutes, or better, do this in advance (like in the morning, if planning it for dinner).

  • Heat a generous amount of oil, place the marinated tofu in and fry on medium heat until brownish. Flip it to the other side, fry until brownish.
  • Serve warm next to a fresh salad and some kimchi.


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