Well-Being for Moms

Sore Throat Remedy


alcohol such as vodka, whisky...


herbs - nettle, chamomile, licorice root (feel free to add other herbs if you have)

glass jar (1 cup or more, will last years)


  1. Fill half of your jar with herbs. Boil water, pour only as much as to dampen the herbs. 
  2. Add double the amount of alcohol (fill the jar).
  3. "Marinate", shaking daily for couple of weeks to couple of months.
  4. Strain herbs through cheesecloth. 
  5. Keep the infused alcohol in a cool, dry place.
  6. With first signs of sore throat, swallow a teaspoon (adults), or couple of drops (children), 2-3 times a day. It'll stop the development of sore throat. Works every single time for me. Ideally flush it down with raw ACV water.