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Sautéed Green leaves with Tuna can


  • coconut or olive oil, ghee...
  • spinach or mixed green leaves (here I used spinach, komatsuna and bok choy)
  • small tuna can or two
  • salt, pepper, a bit soy sauce or coconut aminos (I used both actually)
  • sesame seeds (optional)


  1. clean the leaves (keep the very bottom non-leaffy parts in your freezer bag to use in broths or so)
  2. heat the oil, throw your leaves in, flip around, they start to wilt (I use cooking hashi for this)
  3. put tuna immediately, stir it in
  4. add salt & pepper, or soy or aminos, or sprinkle sesame seeds, or a bit of all, to your taste
  5. let only wilt and combine, do not overcook (trying to keep some enzymes in)
  6. transfer to a serving bowl, (will keep in fridge for couple days)


after it sits for a while it will let some liquid out, you can strain it a bit. perhaps keep and use in a soup.

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