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Fruit Chutney Template

Prep Notes

I would only do this if I have surplus of seasonal fruit, as means to preserve it. Or in this case, I used peaches that we bought cheap and well, soon we knew why. So into chutney the went to get sweetened up and improved.


about 1.5 kg of fruit (peeled, pitted, cut into small chunks)

under 1kg of dried dates (pitted)

4 peppers

3 big onions

2 cups apple cider vinegar

1 tsp good sea salt

1 tsp of pepper and cayenne pepper (or close to none if you have kids)

1-2 tsp of aromatic seeds (finely grind, I used cumin, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon)

½ cup filtered water


  • Place water and dates in a big pot and slowly bring to boil. When dates are soft, add the rest of the ingredients. 
  • Mix well and cook for 60-90 minutes on a very low heat, stirring occasionally.
  • In the meantime sterilize your glass jars and the lids (leave them separately) by placing them in the cold oven and heating up to 120°C (250°F) for 30 minutes.
  • When chutney is done you may smooth it a bit with an immersion blender. Ladle while hot into the jars, close lids and let cool completely. 
  • Store in a refrigerator.


This is fantastic with meats, especially lamb, or fish.

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