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Basic White Rice (earthenware pot, soaked)

Prep Notes

This is how I cook short grain Japanese rice. The soaking aids digestion. Of course you can use electric rice cooker instead of the earthenware. When you wash and soak the rice in the evening, all you have to do in the morning is to switch the stove on for 12 minutes (or whatever it takes in your rice cooker, usually 40-90 minutes).

Cooking Time

12 minutes


  • 3 rice cups short grain Japanese rice = 2 regular cups (1 rice cup = 150 ml or 2/3 cup) 
  • 3 regular cups water


  1. In the evening put rice in a pot, fill with water and wash thoroughly, massaging it with your hand.
  2. Pour water out (or keep this water for cleaning anything and everything, it's an excellent natural cleaning agent).
  3. Wash another 2-3 times until water remains clear.
  4. Short grain rice to water ratio should be about 1 part of rice to 1&1/2 part water. I have a line on the inside of the pot (and the rice cooker) that makes things simple. Visually the water should be about 1.5 cm above the rice. Cover the washed rice in water with a lid, let soak overnight.
  5. The next morning switch the stove on high until it starts to boil (about 7 minutes).
  6. Before it would bubble over, turn it down to minimum. Set timer for 12 minutes. Try not to open the lid at any point, it is said to lose moisture with the escaping steam.
  7. After set time is up and when it smells nicely, switch it of, check with a fork if it seems done through. In the earthenware there will be a thin crust at the bottom (there is also a distinct aroma when this starts to form).
  8. Let rest with the lid on for 10 minutes. Then fluff with a fork and enjoy.


To store rice: place HOT rice into an airtight container and put to fridge immediately (not to lose any moisture). Later you can steam or microwave this. I love these 50ml trays for storing. And this earthenware pot.

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