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Mom, do you want more energy, better mood, fit body 

and balanced diet?

Are you stuck in vicious circles of nagging cravings, stubborn weight, fluctuating energy and mood?
Feeling tired, wired, depressed, overwhelmed, unattractive, angry, guilty?
 Feeling as if something's preventing you or about to resign to "getting old"?


You are not alone!
And it's not your fault!




I help moms get where they want to be regarding their eating, body, energy and mood,

with impact on improving overall physical and mental health.


We start our journey as moms with quite a package. Our bodies are post-trauma, nutritionally drained, sleep deprived and hormonally challenged. The more so with every other pregnancy and postpartum and it's a long term haul.


There rarely is "the village to help raise the child", there are new intense responsibilities outside of self and 0 time for self care. We are in a full giving mode, yet the modern lifestyle easily leads to immense stress, overwhelm and isolation.


No wonder our bodies end up physically and emotionally exhausted. And it shows on our allover physical and/or mental well-being. 


We have the best intention to serve our new families the best we can, but it becomes difficult if our own glass is near or completely empty. We cannot give effectively if there is nowhere to source from. 


We may try to put our children and families first, but the truth is, if mom is not balanced, healthy & happy, nobody is.  Ever felt guilty for loosing your cool with your child or someone you love because you just were too drained to do better?


It is in our best interest to take care of our own body, balance and happiness! (Nobody else can do it for us anyway).  And there, from that place, we can be the great moms we yearn to be. 

I help you get to that place.

As a Certified Health Coach with Functional Medicine Training and having overcome similar issues as you, I know how to help you move through the challenges of your unique situation, replenish your body and form real, lasting dietary and lifestyle habits, that will help you feel great again.

You can feel light, energetic, bright, focused, productive
and attractive at any age! 



Veronika Bar
Veronika Bar
Wed, September 12, 2018

The genetic material from our microbiome outnumbers our own human genetic material by multiple hundreds of times


Our microbial friends are largely residing within our GI tract, especially within the intestines.


Whatever is or isn't happening within our gastrointestinal tract hugely affects the overall functioning of our body and all its systems including neural and mental.


Hippocrates understood it 2500 years ago with his quote "All disease begins in the gut". 


Keeping you microbiome balanced and healthy is a must if you want to live life of vitality, fertility, ease and longevity. In functional medicine we understand the importance of the gut and the interactive nature of different bodily systems.


Are your everyday dietary and lifestyle choices in line with the effects you wish to create downstream?




Contemplate in the comments bellow>>

or call me if you need help. With my help you will get life-changing results regarding your physical or mental symptoms and/or weightloss within three months.


Hi, I'm Veronika.


As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach (and a poet:) I help moms in their intense times to balance diet, revamp mood, heal body and re-energize. I mean, totally, you can still feel great physically and mentally.


Veronika Bar - Functional Medicine Health Coach
Veronika Bar Veronika Bar Veronika Bar Veronika Bar Photo by Sharka Rao, Tokyo



The Functional Medicine Approach 

Disease is the result of a prolonged imbalance somewhere in the body. Symptoms are information of this imbalance communicated to us by our body. I use Functional Medicine know-how to identify the drivers, triggers and upstream root causes of your symptoms. And combine it with supportive, effective coaching strategies, that will get you where you want to be, in a pace tailored specifically for you and your situation. Everyone is a unique and complex being with unique habits, lifestyle, gene package and environment. In my individual coaching sessions you will be getting exclusive, custom-fitted wellness.




Would you accelerate disease and aging if you knew how not to? 


Together we can identify the roots to your unique issues, discover what you should do and what you shouldn't, how to fit it into your unique lifestyle, and most importantly, how to keep it for life!

  Veronika Bar - Picture Books in Rhyme 
- laugh & reflect






“My blood test results kept improving, and I was able to get off some medications, as I started to feel so much healthier. The what-to-eat advice, and many recipe tips worked great for me, and I was finally able to lose weight (which caused some of my issues in the first place)!  And my weight still goes down, even after my year-long working with Veronika Bar had finished.”
Susan, Sociotherapeut
... My mom's also one of the people, who received a benefit from you! Thanks! Her loooooong time constipation was relieved using your tips. She is sooooo happy and active now, and it positively affects her working life too. The health of the bowels brings in your life immeasurable benefits and infinite blessings. Also helps raise your sensitivity much higher. It leads to the peak performance. Now I can say strongly, “All origin of the health is...in your bowl”. That's why I could get the solid inner fortitude. My state of mind is settled in good way. Those every benefits are brought by you, Veronika Bar, and your efforts. The best contribution to the universe!
Shizuko, SAHM
“I was able to break out from the vicious circle of relapses, and I haven’t repeated my yearly stay at the mental institute, since I started to work with Veronika Bar. I changed my diet a lot, and I lost weight. It’s not easy, but little by little, I try to do the “healthy things”, and heal my body from inside. It’s very valuable for me, the space to talk, the understanding and support.”
David, currently on social support
veronika bar, health coach, Tokyo
veronika bar, health coach, Tokyo
veronika bar, health coach, Tokyo
veronica bar, health coach, Tokyo

*names have been changed to protect client's privacy




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