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Blake The Snake

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A new breed of children’s book written by a mother and illustrated together with her children is perfectly imperfect.

Blake The Snake wished for a leg that would fit his end. And he was very, very specific about it... Will he get his wish granted?

Blake The Snake is written by Tokyo-based Veronika Bar and illustrated together with her 2-year old daughter and 5-year old son. Random stickers? Totally out of the lines? Unfinished coloring? There was no place for worry about perfection.
“That doesn’t look like my sketches at all!” cried the mom author.

Let your children fill in what Yoni and Thea haven’t.

It all started as a scribble on a wall on a snowy winter day. “I see a snake!” cried little Thea, and they started to color it in. “And a fish! A big fish!”
That night, after the children fell asleep, the story of Blake The Snake was born. From one mother’s feelings of overwhelm and chaos, chronic lack of sleep and time famine, came the other end of the snake: hope, orderly rhyme and a good heap of fun and humor!

This is a book you will want to read over and over again, yet to discover another funny point or ocean-deep detail.

Compelling to mothers of children ages 3-6…”and up!” says Yoni, who is now six. Comes in large print ideal for beginning readers.

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ISBN# 978-4-908892-00-4                
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What readers are saying about Blake The Snake

                         Erica                                                                                Kate

"The story is certain to fascinate                     "It immediately became a hit   
and inspire your own creativity!"               among my kids as their new favorite"

           Erica Derrickson                                                 Kate Neath
ESL Program and Admissions Manager                    Founder of Tokyo Urban Baby



TITLE: Blake The Snake
AUTHOR: Veronika Bar
ISBN#: 978-4-908892-00-4
PAGES: 50 (full color)
PRODUCT DIMENSION: 28x22 cm (11x9 inch)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 200g (7.05oz)
RETAIL PRICE:  ¥900 (Paperback)

Veronika Bar
connect AT veronikabar DOT com

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Yoni & Thea "in the making" on the summit of age 4 & 1.

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