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Individual Coaching

In my individual coaching sessions we will
  • Create intimate conversation space (you are entering a world of being heard, accepted, valued and supported)
  • Cover all the steps for creating positive change (identify and set goals, identify obstacles, and find solutions)
  • Keep at it (review your progress, and provide ongoing support and empowerment)
  • Uncover triggers and imbalances
  • Seek balance in all aspects of life
  • Explore real, doable, everyday steps that fit your unique lifestyle
  • Achieve lasting results in improving your health and happiness

You are the lead.
I'm your guide on the side.

You get
  • Pre-program online call, to answer any questions you might have, as well as for me to learn more about you, your health history, and your goals and success measures for our work together
  • Bi-weekly online video sessions (12 calls in 6 months) 
  • Email support between sessions
  • Direction and know-how to create lasting connection with your own body
  • Empowerment to move towards action and solutions
  • Accountability to keep progressing and really reach your goals
  • Time in between sessions to reflect and integrate your insights
  • Practical and sustainable wellness tips, and additional materials, such as informative handouts, articles, recipe and book tips...

Health Coaching is for you if...
  • You've been trying to reach your dietary and wellness goals, but...
  • You have symptoms or issues and want to get to the root of it
  • You have non-health issues that need some brainstorming
  • You are ready to take realistic steps and expect gradual changes
  • You know or suspect the power is in your hands, if you just had that extra push
  • You want to connect with someone who will hear you out, direct you, hold you accountable, and love you the way you are ...or kick your but, if that works for you;)

How to choose a Health Coach

You're looking for a person you'll feel good around, not only a certified, knowledgeable professional.
6 months, dude, to create lasting, positive change! Perhaps you like their style, you find them fun, honest, or in a way similar to you. Just go by hunch - the feeling of resonation! How to find out?

Check me out personally by scheduling your first, free chat!

Individual monthly fee: 20.000 JPY (about 180 USD)

Group Coaching: 15.000 JPY
V.I.P. Support: 30.000 JPY  (includes "best-friend-like" support via instant messaging)


Immediate sign-up: 10%
Full upfront payment: 10%
Get 10% off for yourself and each friend you bring!

Portion of your payment goes towards empowering women in less-fortunate regions via

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