Does your child have bloated tummy?


If you have noticed it and entertained the thought whether it is or is not ok... it is not.

You don’t need more visible proof than that. It means something is not working properly in there. It means there is an imbalance in your child’s gut flora.

Perhaps she also likes more sweets and carbohydrates, is a picky eater, has difficulties to go, or develops gas, has infections, more runny nose, skin issues, allergies, perhaps even is the more cranky, more difficult child, having tantrums or so. Any of above, more issues or non yet.

Perhaps you had candida and uncontrollable sweet cravings when pregnant. Perhaps it’s you above.


Either way, you need to act now.


How to fix it

  1. Start giving her probiotic-rich diet. Through fermented vegetables, dairy (if tolerates), fermented anything, or the least and easy, get probiotic in a capsule (30 billion count plus) and have that every morning (adjust serving according to stool - diarrhea = too much).
  2. Cut down on sugar and carbohydrates (eliminate sweets & sweet drinks, juices included, cut down, or even better, eliminate flours (breads, pasta), think vegetables over carbohydrate sides, think vegetables over fruits.
  3. Increase protein and fats. Think eggs, meats, fish, full fat, all parts. Good oils (virgin coconut, olive, butter or ghee, seeds, nuts and nut oils). Be unlimited with proteins, fats and vegetables (non-starchy). Be moderate with dairy (if tolerated).
  4. Start to search where sugar is hidden, and under what many names. Ketchup, dressings and sauces, ham and other processed meats, low fat products, healthy sugars such as honey, maple syrup, dried fruits, “healthy” morning cereals… Eliminate those as much as possible.


Restore balance. You don’t have to be super strict nor forever, and kids heal fast. But hopefully you will find and keep healthier habits for your child and your family for life.




*if you don't think this is the issue of your bloated tummy, then perhaps it's not. It's just one possible reason.


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Jun 27, 2017
Jun 19, 2017
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