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Tofu Steak

Prep Notes


8 squares (double) as on pic if using 1 kg of tofu


  • momen tofu (the firm type, not silken aka kimen, 1 kg for us as it's a BarBar keeper)
  • soy sauce or coconut aminos (I used both)
  • ginger, minced (if desperate, paste will do too)
  • rice oil for frying


  1. In the morning take tofu out, and cut it to get about 1 cm thickness and size easy to work with.
  2. Lay a stack of paper towels on a plate, tofu on it, another stack of paper towels, a plate on top as a weight. 
  3. Somewhere midday or 30 minutes before frying remove paper towels.
  4. Gently spread some ginger on top and drizzle with soy sauce according to your taste (perhaps about 1/2 tsp a square)
  5. When ready to fry, heat a generous amount of rice oil, place the marinated tofu in, and drizzle more soy s. (I do coconut aminos at this point)
  6. Fry on medium until brownish, flip, repeat, take out, repeat with round two.
  7. We serve with fresh salad only. Hot or cold.


You could go down to 10 min letting water out and 10 min marinating, if short of time.

How often do I make this? Not very often. But when I do, kids love it. 

If you want to know more about rice oil, check Dr. Weil's short read here.

*Avoid if allergic to soy or on a soy cleanse.

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