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Prep Time

2-5 days


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tsp kefir grains (check online in your country, ask friends, grandma, or contact me if in Japan;)
  • time


  1. Add kefir grains in milk. Do not close your container air tight, it will breathe and release some steam (bubbles). 
  2. Let sit in a dark place for several days. The time of fermentation depends largely on the room temperature. More days in winter, probably 1-2 days in summer. You may shake it once daily, but I don't find this necessary. After some time, it will visibly start separating solid and whey, that's the time I'm looking for. You may like it less sour though. Find your preference. 
  3. Strain if you have separated grains (or just take out the mushroom if you have the one piece type). I have grains, using just a simple tea strainer and teaspoon. Try to work it a bit with a spoon to separate most of the solid, leaving the grain fairly clean.
  4. Store your kefir drink in refrigerator for up to 3 days (potency goes down after that). I like 2 days at room temperature in summer and then 2-3 days in fridge for a really nice spark.
  5. Plop the grains back in clean jar of fresh milk. Repeat indefinitely. The grains will start to grow, so you may start making more kefir at once, giving grains to friends, or freezing them. Refrigeration slows the process (you can use perhaps 1 liter of milk to keep them for 1-2 months in fridge when traveling. Freezing makes them sleep as long as you wish. They will wake up and work again when put in milk at room temperature. I tried drying them too, but that didn't work for me, they went yellow and gradually died later.
  6. Enjoy your kefir instead of milk perhaps? I personally don't drink this every day by far, but anytime I feel like it. Same for the kids.


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