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Basic White Rice (earthenware pot, soaked)

Prep Notes

This is how I cook short grain Japanese rice. Soaking aids digestion. The earthenware pot makes me happy and feel special energy. Both tips together cook the rice fast. When you wash and soak the rice in the evening, all you have to do in the morning is to switch the stove on, for 12 minutes.

Cooking Time

12 minutes


  • 3 rice cups (=150ml or 2/3 cup) short grain Japanese rice (or switch 1 cup for gaba or brown, it will stay a bit chunkier, but still works)
  • water


  1. In the evening put rice in a pot, fill with water, wash thoroughly massaging it with your hand 
  2. pour water out (keep this water for cleaning anything and everything, it's an excellent "green" agent, floors to windows)
  3. run another 2-3 cycles of water through until water remains about clear
  4. short grain rice to water ratio should be about 1 part of rice to 1&1/2 part water. I have a line on the inside of the pot that corresponds to the cups of dry rice, magic. Visually the water should be about 1.5cm above the rice in the pot. Cover with a lid.
  5. The next morning switch the stove on high until rice starts to boil (try to catch it before it foams out, try not to open the lid, maybe 7minutes?, depends on your pot, flame etc., sense it or listen for the boiling sound)
  6. When it boils turn it down to minimal flame, put timer for about 12 minutes. 
  7. Timer goes off, switch it of (with practice you will recognize by smell and sound if its ready;), let rest covered for 10 minutes.
  8. serve hot, perhaps with some furikake sprinkle (see notes how to store rice)


To store rice: place HOT rice into an airtight container and put to fridge immediately. The above amount will last in my family for 4-5 days, however it does gradually become dry. Perhaps 2 days are ok to eat as is. After that I steam a portion for couple of minutes on a sheet of baking paper in a bamboo steamer.

I love this earthenware pot.

To store the rice I love these 50ml blocks trays.

For DIY furikake recipe check here, by Namiko Abe from JustOneCookbook

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