I help you get rid of cravings, overeating and excess weight
while getting more energy, better mood and clear, productive  mind.

Nagging cravings, binging, frustrated by your body weight or image?
Bloated, gas, constipation, indigestion, pain or cramps, recurrent infections?
Low energy, back pain, headaches, skin, joint, circulation issues?
Depressed, moody, angry, weepy, forgetful, foggy mind?
Feeling as if something's preventing you, or about to resign to "getting old"?
Stagnation, vicious circles, lost in contradictory information?

You are not alone!
And it's not your fault!

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach I know how to help you move through the challenges of your unique situation, and form real, sane and lasting dietary and lifestyle habits, that will make you feel great again.

You can feel light, energetic, focused, productive
and attractive at any age! 

Would you accelerate disease and aging if you knew how NOT to? 

What we put in our body creates our body (and mind). It creates our life. 
The food we let in, goes in our blood, it forms our cells, and affects the biochemical processes all the way to the brain and mental. It can serve us well or it can harm us. If we frequently let junk and stress into our body, we overload and overwork it, causing it to eventually stop working reliably. In long term this creates little issues (eg. bloating, constipation, headaches...), then bigger issues (no energy, body aches, emotional roller coaster...) and then really big issues (physical or mental illness).

Let me show you how to support your body better!

Learn more about my program and my approach.

Photo by Sharka Rao, Tokyo


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