Is there something preventing you?

How do your diet and habits influence the use of your true potential?

Starting with cravings, unnecessary weight, low energy, fluctuating mood and emotions, fogged mind, perhaps disease, mental issues and a general inability to “fly” effortlessly.
Are you just getting old?

So what is this Health Coaching anyway. More bookly description: it's a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable change in client‘s habits by giving them the opportunity to be heard, listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action. It helps people move through stagnation, fears, insecurities and the challenges of their unique situation, health included.

Simply said:
It's like having a friend who hears you out without interrupting, supports you fully and without judgement, asks the right questions so you can come up with the next right step to take, offers timely guidance if needed and then she makes sure, you go and do it. It comes in handy when you just can't seem to touch those goals of yours on your own or you wish to go much, much faster.

Honestly, you don't need me if

  • You think your eating, lifestyle and everything else is in perfect balance
  • You haven't the slightest health issue
  • You are totally happy with your body
  • You do the work you were meant to do
  • There is nothing to brainstorm
  • You're moving fast ahead toward your goals on your own
  • Or you simply want to keep your old ways

I'll love to connect with you if

  • You have been trying way too long (years, decades?) and haven't gotten far
  • You feel the need to fill in some missing pieces of the dietary puzzle 
  • You have an urging health issue and want to get to the root of it
  • You have an urging non-health issue that needs some brainstorming
  • You are ready to take realistic steps and expect gradual changes
  • You know or suspect the power is in your hands, if you just had that extra push
  • You are ready for support from someone who will hear you out, hold you accountable and love you the way you are  ...or kick your but, if that works for you;)  

Photo by Sharka Rao, Tokyo

How it works

  • I am offering a 6-month one-on-one program tailored to your unique needs that takes you 1000% faster and further than reading all the right stuff on Earth.
  • I will explain all about it at the end of your free 50-minute Health Story talk (no ties, checking each other;). But let's not waste each other's time if you're not ready.
  • As you become my V.I.P. you are getting two 50-minute sessions a month, email support in-between, timely handouts, recipe tips and a new empowering friend.
  • It might be the best investment you’ve ever made. It will save you time, energy, figure, headaches, future medical expenses including dental work and lost income, possibly relationships, sanity, even life. Just kidding. Or am I...
  • How about just feeling greater than ever, tap into your maximal potential and rock your own world?
  • Paying for this is your first catch - you will work hard to get the benefits out of it! I am not even joking. As a matter of fact, the more you pay, the further you go. Check out my V.I.P. Intensive.

So, if you're ready, go accept something free first!
Or learn more about me, my trainingmy approach or who else, besides yourself, you support by purchasing my services. Or read my book to your children.

* Consultations can be conducted in English or Czech, but all paperwork is in English


How to choose a Health Coach

  • You are looking for a person you would actually like to be around, not only a certified, knowledgeable professional.
  • Perhaps you like their style, you find them fun or interesting or in a way similar to you. Just go by hunch. Resonating - Yes! Not feeling it - keep looking.
  • So if you don’t like me, no hard feelings. Move on, find the right one for You!

Are you "my person"? - 3 or more applies

  • Do you have a bit less control over your eating then you’d like to have? (not your fault, I will explain)
  • Are you a mild to heavy binge eater, binge drinker and/or a sugarholic?
  • Have you been wanting to lose weight forever or just that waist ring or protruded tummy?
  • Are you recently getting more tired or sick or all emotionally unstable?
  • Have you asked yourself the “Am I just getting old” question?
  • Do you feel as if there is something preventing you?
  • Do you have mild to heavier mental issues, such as depression (incl. postpartum depression), anxiety, over-emotionality, just yelling and getting angry too much etc., battling it alone or with a diagnosis? (I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT take the place of your doctor or advise anything about medication. My tools stay within the magnificent realms of diet and lifestyle, in addition to your on-going medical treatment).
  • Are you willing to explore the possibility that what you do and put in your body and mind, creates your body and mind? It creates your life.
  • And most importantly: Are you willing to take action, step by step?


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